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Submitting Your Messenger App
When you are ready to release your app to the public, you must submit it for review. This review process allows Facebook to ensure the Messenger app abides by its policies and functions as expected before it is made available to everyone on Messenger.

Pre-Launch Checklist

To make the review and approval process as smooth as possible, take some time to review our pre-launch checklist before you submit your app for review.
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    Responsiveness - Your chatbot should respond quickly
  3. 5.
    Make your page is published (Public)
  4. 6.
    Test your Messenger app, then test it again

Step 1

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    Go to App Review >> Requests
  2. 2.
    Click the button Request Permissions or Features
  3. 3.
    Find pages_messaging from the list of permission and click the button Request Advanced Access and then Edit App Review Request button

Step 2

Go to the section Complete App Verification as in the below screenshot.
You can copy and paste text from below
This app is part of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. We will use the pages_messaging permission to send automated messages from the users.

Step 3

Go to the section Requested Permissions and Features as in the below screenshot.
You can copy and paste text from below
With page_messaging permission, users can interact with the chatbot to attend the quiz. Users can select from various topics, and attend the questions one by one.
Step 1: Go to the Messenger chatbot
Step 2: Click the "Get Started" button
Step 3: You will receive a welcome message with some buttons to choose from
Step 4: Click on any buttons to interact with the chatbot
Drag and Drop Your File - Record a video of how your Messenger chatbot works and upload it.
Don't forget to choose the page from the dropdown.

Step 4

Go to the section Complete App Settings and fill in all the required fields.
Finally, click Submit for Review button
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